Throughout my life I received messages from angels and other enlightened sources of guidance on how to help people in my life. In my early twenties I began seriously pursuing Light Work.
Here you will find a list of credentials and studies:
I started  Lightwork many years ago and have a continued interest and study in Angeology, Crystals and Auratic Field Energy Work.
My career took me to the studies of Advocacy and Social Work through the years 1999-2007.   In May 2007  decided to go back to a full time career in Lightwork.
Since working in the Psychic Field I have received wonderful opportunities in the following capacities.
Assisted in cold cases for the Akron Police Department
Worked on National cases, both cold and current cases, with SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. a nationally recognized Private Investigative Agency that has been featured in the national media.

   * Received a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Services distinction

   * Received First and Second Degree in Reiki through the Usui system of Natural Healing

   * Credentials of Ministry through the Universal Life Church

   * Through The John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy successfully completed L2000 Leadership Academy

   * Studied under National Institute of  Massotherapy

   * Practitioner of General Relaxation

   * Have given thousands of messages helping people just like you on their lifepath! It’s your turn to enjoy receiving the lightened message from your angelic beings.