Award-winning Director, Writer, Actress Nicole Sadighi has announced the launch of her nonprofit, Angels In Blue! A registered 501(c)(3), Angels In Blue (AIB) is dedicated to supporting the American Law Enforcement and to honor officers who go above and beyond the call of duty. Angels In Blue is governed by a Board of Directors to the organization's mission and relies on the generous contributions of the public. The organization also seeks to raise funds for fallen and injured officers and their respective families in times of need. Angels In Blue is dedicated to providing support to the families and children of the fallen and honor the sacrifice of our Hero's. It will help families of law enforcement that are killed in the line of duty or other deaths involving law enforcement. Angels In Blue will help with financial burdens associated with illness, injury and disabilities.

Nicole Sadighi has always worked closely with law enforcement departments, a former member of the advisory board of the Los Angeles Sheriff's department, she says, "I have always been so inspired and humbled by the sacrifice of our men and women in blue and I just wanted them to know we also have their backs when they need us. Honestly these officers' stories are the inspiration behind starting Angels In Blue. This is something very close to my heart. It started from reading all these amazing stories of courage and valor and it just felt like a natural step toward giving them a helping a hand and to say thank you."

Nicole Sadighi is also the CEO of Persepolis Pictures which produced the award-winning film I Am Neda, which won 12 awards and 21 nominations at leading international film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival.