Angels with Faith Ministries & Church is growing fast after over 4 years of helping families in need & we are in DIRE need of donated land with or without dwellings or buildings in the Northeast Georgia area to build our home based Church/Charity a permanant site since we are currently renting the small 2 Bedroom work from now & have no room to grow. We are hoping & praying for enough land to also place donated campers & Mobile homes on to temporarily house homeless families,military families coming home from overseas etc,elderly & disabled etc & also with a fishing pond to build our Youth Camp for disadvantaged & at risk youth & teens,our youth group has grown to nearly double in the past year & so has the number of families & children that we are blessed to help,just this Christmas we were blessed to be able to provide Christmas to 1083 children but if we would have had more room to store donations we could have helped 1000s more. If you have land of any kind in Georgia,preferably Northeast Georgia that you would be willing to either donate or donate the use of you would be helping us help more families each year & grow. Our charity is very blessed to be a different kind of charity,unlike the huge charities who pay out all of their donations in overhead & salaries we are all volunteers & even though we receive 0 funding we give 100% of every donation to helping those in true need & hope to keep doing so for years to come. Your donation of the much needed property to build our charity & Church facility on will be tax deductible for FULL fair market value for up to 5 years & would be GREATLY appreciated Thank you so much & God Bless visit our websites (built & run by volunteers) at http://angelswithfaithministries.beep.com & http://angelswithfaithministries.org