The “Rock Solid” Reputation of Anglo Dutch Diamond Group

Since 2001, Anglo Dutch Diamond Group has been known for its long-standing history and reputation as a pre-eminent authority on rare-jewel investments. Mr. Stevens, the owner of Anglo Dutch Diamond Group, has more than forty years’ experience in the diamond market.  The depth and breadth of his understanding, so readily offered to all potential diamond investors, has given Anglo Dutch Diamond Group one of the most solid reputations in the industry.

Anglo Dutch Diamond Group has been a member of Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce since 2001 and has maintained a consistent “A+” rating, the highest possible. The ‘rock-solid Anglo Dutch Diamond Group reputation is paramount to the company’s position in the marketplace as the leading authority on investment in the world’s most rare and beautiful Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds--which possess the greatest potential for appreciation.

The Dazzling Quality of Anglo Dutch Diamond Group

Anglo Dutch Diamond Group's reputation also stands upon its ‘steadfast pursuit’ of the world’s most exquisitely beautiful and rare Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds.  Only those stones that are literally “one-in-a-million” diamonds qualify for the highly coveted Anglo Dutch Diamond Group hand-selected “Private Reserve” collection, whose potential for appreciation defies comparison, decade after decade.

The Unique Investment Potential of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

The value of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds is not determined by ‘fiat currency’ and so cannot be falsely inflated by government monetary policy. This means that the value of these extremely precious commodities is retained even during economic recessions, making investment in the rarest and most beautiful investment quality diamonds the ideal way to protect and grow wealth during turbulent times. Anglo Dutch Diamond Group offers investors from all walks of life optimal choices for diamonds in all price ranges and tailors an investment strategy that fits each individual’s unique needs.