It would be hard to find harder workers than the work horses at Angry Horse Brewing Company (AHB).  Still in developmental stages, this three person crew wants to put the area east of Los Angeles on the craft beer revolution map.  The Angry Horse team recognizes the surge in people that enjoy socializing and conducting commerce at a facility that offers locally produced, hand crafted beer.  This in return will benefit the community by bringing commerce and excitement back to the area.

Native Los Angeleno, Luis Michel started home brewing with his brother, Gabe Michel and cousin, George Felix at his Montebello residence in 2010.  A real angry S.O.B. (Son of a Boss), at the Monterey Park based West Bag Incorporated, Luis and his family are deep rooted in the East Los Angeles area.  By bringing Angry Horse Brewing to his community, he hopes to keep contributing to the area’s continued growth and business development to benefit future generations.

An Illinois native and most would agree, “serial entrepreneur”, Gayle Michel started her first business at the young age of 18 yrs. old (with the help of her restaurateur, mother, and mentor).  She managed three separate locations while attending Southern Illinois University, holding title of 1984 Miss Collinsville (A Miss America Scholarship Pageant Organization), Cheerleading for the NFL St. Louis Cardinals, and working as a skin care specialist for Clinique (An Estee Lauder Corporation).  Gayle jokingly refers to herself as a, “Cheerleader Gone Wild about craft beer”, and she is an active member of the Pink Boots Society (PBS).  PBS is an organization that was created to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers in the Beer Industry through education.

When the crew met Mechanical Designer Nathan Sewell, they immediately knew he was the perfect, “beer geek”, for the team. The four of them could be found in the home garage of Luis & Gayle Michel almost every weekend brewing something new.  Nathan Sewell’s geek experience in recipe development & brewing process has proved to be the final piece of the puzzle that AHB needed.  Within a few years and several craft beer awards later, Gayle convinced Nathan and Luis that now was the time to share their beer with the world.  After all, 2014 is the year of the horse…

Our promise… With speed, strength and grace, AHB will create everyday-life inspired beers with a main focus on west coast styles while corralling inspiration from styles around the world.

For the tame or the spirited – Angry Horse Brewing - Come taste the freedom!