Anhui Opensource Software inc. (Anhui OSS, CEO:Takamitsu Nakao) announced that started to provide the new version of  CFB. This new version much improved its design and customer  experience, and additionally this new version added the task management function.

Using by this task function, users can get the task notification on the top page of CFB, and an user can assign a task to other person with its notification. So CFB users can more fluently control task in their company, and can make more smooth their projects.

Social media has penetrated in the world wide. And in China, represented by WeChat and Weibo, social media have much penetrated too, and it has changed the style of their life. And in the business scene, many user already also started the social media as a company's information system in China. Under such circumstances, CFB has been especially welcomed by the foreign affiliates in China, it's because CFB has advantage points and feature as following.

- Powerful and highly customization
CFB have provided not only as SaaS edition, but also have provided as the product license edition. So user can also set it in their company system, and can also deliver it as OEM version.

Detail =>  http://www.anhuioss.com/en/crowdroidbiz/price.html

This license version have powerful and highly customization, and we can respond the various need, such as design customization, function customization and so on.

- Total support for your business
CFB is a Weibo style enterprise social collaboration tool, but on the other hand, CFB is a portal tool of the whole company information system.

Actually CFB already has the schedule management function, and this time, it was added the task management function. And we have a plan to add the close collaboration function with e-mail in the next version of CFB. We have also published the API of CFB to materialize the collaboration with the other enterprise software or tools.

Detail =>  http://www.anhuioss.com/en/crowdroidbiz/cfbpartner.html

- Experience and knowledge
Our company is a mixed team of Chinese and Japanese, so we have experienced a lot of different culture communication on this CFB. So we can provide those as a consultant service to accelerate communication and collaboration in your company.

And this new version will be available on next Monday on the following site.

CFB Free Version ( for domestic user): https://s.crowdroid.com
CFB Free Version( for oversea user): https://saas.crowdroid.com

■ About Anhui Opensource Software (Anhui OSS)
Anhui OSS was established in July 2009, and that headquarter is located in Anhui, China. Anhui OSS has the strengths in social media and mobile area, and we have defined that our mission is “Truly connect the world by social media”.
Anhui OSS has provided our own products such as 'Weibo style enterprise social networking system' and 'Twitter/ Weibo client' for smartphone, and Anhui OSS also has provided the outsourcing service that is related with smartphone apps and social media.
Anhui OSS now have focused to provide the B2B solution, but we will expand this area to B2C or educational fields in the future to totally realize our mission.
details: http://www.anhuioss.com/en/company.html

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