Tired of the stereotyped products from India and looking for a change? Look no further – Aniika is a fresh, chic design platform and inspired bazaar that showcases the best of India's emerging design talent.

Much like the platform's look and feel, the products on Aniika are moored in Indian tradition and alive to a contemporary, global aesthetic. It is this new India that Aniika seeks to showcase to the world.

Aniika offers an immersive shopping experience to the discerning U.S. customer. It's a bazaar where buyers can not only browse through the products and stores of Indian designers, but also appreciate the inspirational stories behind each store.

The products on Aniika are those that you would not find readily even if you were in India – like those quaint boutiques of special character that only the locals may know about.

We believe in quality over quantity. We bring to the U.S. customer intimately crafted lifestyle products that complement an urban home, workplace or person. Funky, Witty, Traditional Indian, Sophisticated, Tribal, Classic, Contemporary, Organic, Environmentally friendly are some words we would use to describe the products on Aniika.

The designers on Aniika are immensely creative professionals from the top Indian design institutes. Aniika.com serves as a platform for emerging Indian designers to build an online brand. Aniika's unique business model will not only provide designers an e-commerce platform, but also the required operational support to fulfill orders. This ensures that designers spend the most time designing products while our buyers get high quality products delivered in a timely manner.

Aniika is co-founded by Shamim T and Meghana Rao. The team brings together a wide range of complementary talents and passions to give Aniika its unique proposition. Aniika.com is an angel funded company and was launched in October 2011. The company has its presence in India and the USA.  

We have exciting plans for the platform and aim to make it India's premier design entrepreneurship platform. Aniika will empower Indian designers to think big and believe in themselves as entrepreneurs. That, we think, is the first step to bringing out the best in them.

Aniika (pronounced as A-nee-ka) means 'beautiful' in Sanskrit; in Hebrew, Finnish, Dutch, Latin and Greek it most commonly means 'grace'. At this Inspired Bazaar, we aim to introduce to the world beautiful products that gracefully combine traditional Indian design with a global sensibility.