Animazoo is the world’s leading manufacturer of inertial motion capture systems. Based in Brighton, UK Animazoo’s head office contains both administration and manufacturing departments. All Animazoo systems are assembled and tested by UK qualified engineers ensuring quality and performance.
As of January 2010 Animazoo have a client base of over 250 companies using our award winning motion capture systems across 43 different countries. At present Animazoo manufactures both electromechanical inertial systems and gyroscopic inertial systems.

Over the past 20 years Animazoo has been setting industry firsts. The award winning Gypsy range of electromechanical systems introduced the world to portable, occlusion free, camera-less motion capture in the mid 90′s. In 2004 Animazoo released the first commercial inertial motion capture system to use gyroscopic sensors on body limbs. The Gypsy Gyro 18 raised the bar for modern motion capture.

Our current systems are the G7 range of electromechanical inertial systems and the IGS range which has superseded the Gypsy Gyro 18 with even higher accuracy and comprehensive workings. A network of global distributors in all continents make it easy to purchase and maintain Animazoo system anywhere in the world.