He is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded technology startups - Upscale, River Technologies and Finocial
Upscale was a technology consulting firm and focused on emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and data science services
Ankit Sharma is a strong proponent of open source technologies. Upscale has actively worked with Grameen Bank's open initiative called Mifos Xand Ankit is one of the youngest Google Summer of Codementors from India during 2016[10] and 2017
Ankit has published research on predictive analytics and continously advising organizations to adopt blockchain:
His upcoming book is titled 'Truth Trust and Transparency' which is a philosophical take on blockchain as an emerging technology.
He is a regular mentor and advisor to early stage startups in India.He also actively attends and participates in global technology conferences like Springers, IRED etc as tech advisor  and national entrepreneurship summits giving talks.
Sharma also holds talks and lectures while writing his views on various platforms such as medium, yourstory and using social media