AnkleSTONE is an intelligently designed and extremely effective innovative all-in-one orthopedic tool for foot and ankle mobility, relief, and health. It was designed by Dr. Marien J. Zanyk who holds a PhD in Clinical Pathology and is a published BioMedical Scientist with degrees in Genetics and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Her extensive experience and expertise also includes musculoskeletal recovery. Before embarking on her own development projects the most significant of which is AnkleSTONE, Dr. Zanyk was a successful and prominent orthopedic medical device consultant to Orthopedic and Neuro surgeons throughout the U.S. Recognizing that there was no orthopedic appliance specifically designed to relieve foot and ankle pain while enhancing mobility, she set about answering that vital need. After years of development and design and significant personal investment, the result is AnkleSTONE.

AnkleSTONE is effective for a variety of foot and ankle conditions and discomfort, loss of mobility and pain from causes such as: Injury, Muscle stiffness, Flexibility deficit, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Ankle joint restriction, Surgical procedures, Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and more.