Why choose Casa Palmera as your treatment center?

Reason #1:
Experienced Staff & Board-Certified Physicians

It is important to us that you receive high-quality treatment from qualified staff during your stay at Casa Palmera. From our Board certified Therapists, Physicians and Clinical Staff to our Clinical Nutritionists, Fitness Supervisors and Kitchen Staff, we offer excellent care and support to our residents.

Reason #2:
Excellent staff-to-client ratio of 4:1

This provides our staff the opportunity to work with you in developing a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs. This staff-to-client ratio is important because it allows for detailed monitoring of your progress, which in turn will help us make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan during your stay.

Reason #3:
We Offer Multiple Holistic Treatment Options

At Casa Palmera we offer a wide variety of treatment options. We base our treatment on the belief that there are four common elements that lead to health improvement: Medical and Psychological, Lifestyle, Mind-Body Support, and Environmental.