Anne is a freelance artist, author and teacher based in Cheshire, United Kingdom. She works in textiles and mixed media. Felt-making, dyeing and stitching are the big cornerstones in her work.

Anne is also a member of the International Feltmakers' Association and has written for publications worldwide including 'Flair', a magazine for machine embroidery enthusiasts and 'Craft It Now!', a multi-craft book by F & W Media Inc.

"For me learning is a life-long process. Every day I experience something that enriches my creative work. I love happy accidents, that lead somewhere I did not intend to go. To help me develop as an artist, I regularly attend arts master classes at:

   Beetlefelt Studios in Manchester I worked with two professional dyers to harvest plants and use them to dye samples of fibre and fabric.
   Hot Bed Press Studios in Salford - I have explored techniques such as collagraphs, risoograph and monoprints.
   The Hat Museum in Stockport - I studied  wet felting, including nunofelting, inlay, mosaic and 3-D vessels.

   I look forward to other courses, publications and projects that may happen in the future. I am so blessed to have opportunities to study and develop as an artist."

Professional Organisations:

    Associate Member of the Institute for Learning (IFL).
    The Association of Freelance Writers.