China Leads in New Age Industrial Revolution
The first industrial revolution started hundreds of years ago in Europe and was largely feudalistic with money and power concentrated with a few industrialists. The new age industrial revolution started from smart manufacturers in China who leverage latest technologies and hard working labor to produce world class products at rock (unmatched) bottom prices. Also this brave new revolution is all about increasing the reach of affordable but high quality products that are boosting the fortune of small businesses across the globe. That this new revolution is now appreciated in the West and is un-stoppable is apparent through such actions like the overwhelming response Alibaba’s IPO got from international (US) investors like Over USD 1.5 billion was transacted just on the first day of its trading recently and it was 150 times over-subscribed by institutional and individual investors. Alibaba, a widely used business-to-business platform links Chinese manufacturers to business buyers worldwide. It shows how powerful this new age industrial revolution is in attracting global attention.
Online B2B marketplaces and DHgate are popular
The second industrial revolution has no geographic limitations as it is impacting global B2B trade though online business transactions. Cost effective web tools reduce transactional costs, speed up fulfillment and combine with the agility and ability of small businesses across the world to serve a winning business formula. has taken this revolution even further by bringing even more Chinese sellers (over 100,000 today) to mainstream global trade and connecting them with buyers across more than 40 countries. Its popular escrow account has infused new confidence amongst buyers, by releasing money to Chinese sellers only when the global buyers are fully satisfied with their delivery. This has removed the biggest impediment in international e-commerce trade, “lack of trust”. Boosted by galloping trade volumes and increased global interest in its ‘fast trading marketplace’ vision, DHgate has changed business rules forever. Size is no longer necessary for success; a secure connection to DHgate is - as it becomes #1 sourcing choice of international small businesses today. DHgate is introducing new web based innovations and ramping up its trained account managers to guide buyers to even more profitable trade deals. DHgate is ensuring that this new age industrial revolution is truly about partnering and collaborating for a better society and removing economic divide between the east and west. Brave new B2B trading marketplaces like DHgate are all about better business, higher productivity, faster profits and enhanced customer satisfaction too.