Our Markets


What really is M2M?

According to M2M Magazine, “M2M provides communications between people, devices, and systems and turns data into information companies can act upon. Whether you call it machine-to-machine, man-to-machine, mobile-to-machine, machine-to-mobile, it's all the same.”

According to several third party research firms, the market for Device Networking is about to undergo the same growth that the computer networking market underwent in the latter part of the 1990's. Antaira is positioned to take advantage of this growth because of our focus on Serial, Ethernet, USB, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, specifically for industrial and commercial devices.

Ethernet has hit the factory floor and will continue to expand from the control layer all the way down to the device layer. Estimates are that shipments of industrial products with an Ethernet port will grow at over 70% a year for the next 5 years. Antaira is positioned to service this growing market with hardened Industrial Ethernet Switches and Media Converters along with Serial to Ethernet Device Servers to allow legacy devices onto the network.

Our People

People make a company. At Antaira we are proud of our people. Our team is made up of individuals who are intelligent, energetic and creative and who always strive to put the customer first. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of industrial automation and networking with experts in Serial, Ethernet and USB communications. It is our desire to use this combined experience to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to the markets and customers we serve, while at the same time providing our people with a work environment that is challenging and rewarding.

Our Service

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service. This means shipping your orders accurately and promptly to meet your project schedule. This means we are flexible and will meet our customers' unique needs in order to help them improve their business. This means when you call us for assistance, you will never have to deal with an automated phone system; you will never need to press one phone key option after another. There will always be a live person that will answer your call. This sometimes surprises many people, but we feel that our customers should receive the best and most prompt assistance that they deserve.