Turkey's leading organiser of trade and consumer events Anfas exhibitions excels in creating high profile, highly targeted business and consumer exhibitions and events to establish and maintain business relations, and generate new business.

Founded in 1994, ANFAS (Antalya Fair Management and Investment Inc.) has made it its mission to make Antalya an exhibition and conference city making sure that the city gains maximum benefit from the exhibition and conference economy during the winter months.

Every year we run many events in Turkey, bringing together over million of active event participants and exhibitors worldwide. With over 50 employees in 2 offices Istanbul and Antalya, we serve many industries worldwide. To view our exhibitions click here.

A.E.C. (Antalya Expo Center) has been put into service by Anfas (Antalya Fair Management and Investment Inc.) in April 1999. Occupying an area of 65.000 m2, AEC has a total of 40.000 m2 of covered exhibition area on two floors. These two floors are interconnected by two way escalators as well as stairs on all four corners. With the astylar architectural design of its main halls, A.E.C. is highly convenient for accomodating up to 10.000 people for various events such as sports activities, concerts, theater shows and accomodating up to 4.000 people for conference organizations. With 6 main halls, 18 different panel, board and study rooms of various sizes accomodating up to 800 people, a parking lot with a capacity of 800 cars, our center continues to provide service as a modern complex.

The distance between Antalya Expo Center and Antalya International Airport is only 2 km. Participants of conference and exhibitions can stay at the newly built 5 star Resort Hotels, other accomodation establishments with sports and health facilities and city hotels located within a 20 km radius. On the other hand for exhibitions organized in Istanbul, the costs for businessmen from all over Anatolia to attend the exhibition as participants or visitors seem to be increasing every year.

A.E.C. a modern exhibition and conference center fully meeting international standards, has been established in April 1994 with the collaboration of public and private sectors in order to support domestic and foreign trade in Anatolia. Antalya Special Provincial Administration, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ANSIAD and prominent businessmen of the region are among the co-founders of the center.