Antenna Products is a world leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality antenna systems. Founded in 1972, Antenna Products has extensive experience across a broad range of frequencies and antenna types for some of the most demanding customers in the world including major carriers, military agencies, and prime contractors of the United States government. Antenna Products can provide antennas in frequency ranges from 2 mHz to 6 GHz. Types of antennas that are offered by Antenna Products include omni, sector, flat panel, yagi, di-pole, navigation antennas. Applications in which Antenna Products’s antennas are considered industry leaders include ILS (instrument landing system), electronic toll collection, and cellular/DAS (distributed antenna systems).

Antenna Products Corporation is a world leading provider of antennas for use in communication, navigation, RFID and machine-to-machine (M2M) networking, serving several industry segments including military, government, transportation and wireless infrastructure. To this day, APC remains a vertically integrated antenna provider with almost all research and development, testing, manufacturing and support housed within our 100,000+ square foot facility in Mineral Wells, Texas. We are ISO 9001.2008 certified and are continually engaged to improve our manufacturing quality. With our 50 year legacy of innovation and quality, APC is a recognized leader in supplying antennas for:

Aviation Communications and Navigation
Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
High Frequency (HF) Voice and Data Communications
Intelligent Transportation
Electronic Toll Reading
Small Cell/Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

APC the leader in strategic HF antennas in the world, building HF antennas in the United States for over 50 years with hundreds of deployments world-wide and have an irreplaceable body of knowledge of the RF performance and environmental requirements of large scale antennas.

Following decades of provideing mission-critical instrument landing system (ILS) antennas, APC has now introduced its GS-420 antenna, the first antenna of its kind to satisfy the rigorous testing requirements for the FAA's next generation ILS-420 program.

APC is a leading provider of RFID antennas for high-performance reader applications, with decades of real-world experience in this demanding sector. Antenna Products has the expertise to cost-effectively create a custom antenna to optimize your RFID capabilities, and offer a broad range of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) toll road antennas used in applications for toll collections, traffic safety, monitoring and safety.