Anthony & Brown is a British lifestyle clothing brand.

A collaboration between two creative minds; one from the city, one from the country, Anthony & Brown combines the freedom and style both offer in their unique way.

Why? Because we’re British and we know that lives are led in different settings day to day, hour to hour. We don’t make clothes that just work for one, we just make clothes that work.

A decade in the making, our experience creeps into the style, the quality, the fit and the fashion of our clothing. Distinctive enough for the city streets, and familiar enough for the rambling countryside, we know everywhere we have come from and we’re proud of it. It’s why we support our British heritage and manufacturing wherever we can.

We have drawn our inspiration for our garments and our Brand from our lives in the country and in the city respectively.

Half of the Anthony and Brown team’s life is spent in the countryside. Whether it’s a weekend break from a hard few days in the city, or the need to expand our horizons a little with the help of a bit more space, and a lot fresher air, the country is a huge part of what we do and how we do it.

Whether we use it as a retreat during the creative process or the starting point of if, we can’t deny its influence in our garments. Practical, uncontrived, beautifully appropriate and stylishly relevant to the demands of the day; we’re not afraid of the hold the beauty of Britain has upon us. We hope it translates.

The city also has a big impact on our Brand, what we do and how we do it.

The pace, the energy and the sheer connectivity are all reasons that we find ourselves here for an hour, a day or weeks at a time? The work hard, play hard ethic is not just a motto for the men inside the clothes. It’s a measure we use for every single garment we produce.

Inspired by the towering blocks that impose upon us, the street markets that draw us in every time, and the imaginative new buildings that surprise us, we’ll never tire of the adventures we have here. Which is why we’re created clothing that’ll last the whole adventure through.

Anthony & Brown.
Your companion. For the Country. For the City.