PROXARIO a Intellectual Property firm highly specialized in the protection and reinforcement of the patent and trademark rights with more than 20 years of consecutive experience in Antigua and Barbuda and in the regions of the CARIBBEAN, LATIN AMERICA, ASIA and AFRICA. Our firm offer IP registration services of all its aspect, such as: Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Design Trademark and Copyrights; as well, we have acquired a skilled expertise in preparing strategic defense for overcome TM international provisional refusals.

PROXARIO offers the highest-quality patent registrations, a seamless global patent filing experience and a wide range of cutting- edge intellectual property (IP) search services through our global reach in all countries, jurisdictions and dependencies in where we operate.

We’ll take care of:

We serve a global client base including industry, law firms, licensing organizations and technology transfer offices. Our in- house professional and engineers teams, supported by the most big global network of over 6,500 patents attorneys and 12,000 IP Agents, provide powerful solutions to assist with strategic decision-making across the entire IP life cycle.

Why file with PROXARIO?
-Our agent network is extensive and robust.

-We offer more than a decade of experience.

-We have negotiated low, fixed rates with our global partners network of world-class patent attorney firms assured high quality and efficiency.

-If you have existing agent relationships, PROXARIO can integrate their services us.

-We securing all times our client's deadlines with on time communication to ensure a smooth process.




WEB: www.proxario.net