He started out in 1979 as an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) and soon realised that property was not just about home ownership, but a sound financial investment. Since then, his business focus has always been property-related.  From the mid 80’s and for the next 20 years, Anton Tardif was involved in the Hotel & Leisure Industry whilst at the same time building-up a commercial property portfolio.

In the late 90’s he set-up a construction company specialised in the refurbishment of listed buildings as well as designing and building houses in the UK and Spain.

In the early 00’s Anton made some major investments in the US, purchasing land and spending time property developing and familiarising himself with the US real estate markets.

Having witnessed at first hand, the melt-down in the US economy – and the disastrous impact it had on property values, it became obvious 3 years ago that it was time to re-invest in the US property market. The market had flattened out and investors were once more re-engaging. With that in mind, a series of bonds of different durations were created in order to raise funds to invest in distressed and foreclosed property, allowing bond purchasers to get involved in the recovering US property market through a structure that was managed by professionals with local expertise and connections, that also provided certain protections through the oversight of a Trustee, as well as other benefits in terms of US tax exposure and SIPP compliance for pension planning.

As Asset Manager, Anton Tardif is totally hands-on, investing both the Bond funds as well as his own funds into this booming market.