My guiding career really started in 1998, when I started working for AN TOURIST from Ho Chi Minh City, The first travel company, I had traveled consecutively right when I was recruited and traveled throughout Vietnam.
2000, stopped working for AN TOURIST and worked as a Freelancer in Saigon
2001-2005 joining BUFFALO TOURS VIETNAM as Tour Operation Manager in Ho Chi Minh city
During this time, my major work is operating tours as 1 man office, but I was requested to be tour leader now and then for Imaginative Travellers, Travel Bags, and was chosen as the first Vietnamese English tour leader on a test trip from Intrepid travel, from the trip result, that roams intrepid finally choose Vietnamese as English Speaking tour leader for all trips in Vietnam.

2006: signed out with Buffalo tours and founded the Asiana Travel Mate with other 2 friends. from this time, have not go on guiding trip except some FAM trips to international travel companies and Video filming projects...

2009 - Now: Move to Hue Imperial citadel and has been living here since then and still working on tourism management level.

Recently projects:
In late 2015, connect with Luxembourg Dev in Hue city and worked on 3 Community-based Eco-Tourism, the projects are under initial development.

25/12/2016 initiate the online community travel gateway www.asiatravelmates.com as a place where tour guides, community travel sources can connect directly to travellers " Connecting and empower People"

Travel Qualifications:
- 19-year English speaking tour guide/leader
- Tourist Guide Training Course
- ILO and UNESCO Heritage Guide Training course
- Tour Leader for Intrepid, Travel bags, Imaginative  Travellers
- Leading Inbound group to Laos, Cambodia
- Leading outbound travel to England, Swiss Land, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore

Type of Travel guiding
- Private sight seeings all Vietnam and Indochina,
- Photo hunting,
- Trekking for up to 5 days in the jungle,
- Cycling tours up to 3 days,
- Snorkelling and Diving,
- Kayaking up to full day,
- Student travel and travel hunting,
- Mice and Incentives up to 500 travelers a time,
- A cruise ship,
- Business and interpreter trip,

My Travel Lifetime Images:
The most honoring trip was guiding the delegation from San Francisco City Hall visiting Ho Chi Minh City Hall and South Vietnam
The fondest trip was with Annie and Martin from Belgium, who became my parents in the last 18 years.
Richard Copeland Miller who was traveling with me for 3 times as the family, friend, photo hunting trip ... The Brother from America, It was not tipping he gave, ( up to USD 5K) but the Humanity that we shared during 3 trips.

Travel management and achievements:
- Leading Assia Travel Mate as the winner of The Guide Awards,  Vietnam Best Tour Operator from 2011-2015
- An Excellent Bussiness Person in Hue city 2016 for being an innovative, creative, and community travel works ...
and numbers of personal achievements towards community and travel developments.