Anvil & Hammer is a professional Graphic Design Firm & Website Design Studio based in the Lansing, MI area. We supply various computer services including Graphic Design, Website Design, SEO, and more. We were started in 1999 as ArtTech Designs by our Owner and Founder Jeff Miller. In October of 2005 we were restructured and renamed Anvil & Hammer Studios in order to better represent our objectives and customer focus.

Anvil & Hammer specializes in producing effective and creative advertising materials and designs for a wide range of clients including real estate, restaurant, sports, entertainment industries, and education. With top-notch talent we can provide high return on investment for all of your design needs.

We believe that every brand we forge will be a successful campaign. Our talented team can create just the look you need to reach your target audience. We provide award winning designs at a reasonable price.