Anviz offers a modern and comprehensive product line, comprised of highly successful products based on proven field testing and key projects across the globe in varying environmental conditions. The company continues to broaden its scope and product range by applying its expertise to the intelligent security industry. By extending its portfolio with the introduction of iris and facial recognition products, and a complete line of surveillance equipment, Anviz can now offer fully integrated end-to-end solutions. The integration of these products through the Anviz AIM software will set new standards in the individual, commercial and governmental security market sectors.

Across its complete product line, Anviz unique approach ensures reliability and performance of all its products. Its R&D investment and continual improvement of Bio-Nano, the Anviz core algorithm insures Anviz stays at the precipice of the most advanced technology in the industry.

Dedicated to helping distributors and integrators enhance the profitability of their offerings, Anviz also delivers a wide range of customer services in all areas of support, tailored to the needs of industry professionals worldwide.