Our Center provides comfort and support not only to exotic birds in need and the people that own them but also to members of the community undergoing medical procedures such as chemotherapy or dialysis.  Our Avian Ambassador Program provides animal loving individuals enduring these sorts of uncomfortable treatments a place where they are welcome to come, (Fear No Parrot/Parrotdise Gardens Menagerie location),  choose their favorite exotic bird, select a couch or chair and simply spend time trading positive energy with these friendly,  loving avian ambassadors.  The results are phenomenal!!!  As we watch the calm, friendly interactions between bird lovers and ambassador birds the healing affect becomes evident before our very eyes.  Smiles begin to appear on the faces that earlier reflected only discomfort and pain.  Animals, (birds too),  at times, seem to sense and respond to emotional needs of the people that love them.  This program has proven to be mutually beneficial to both our exotic birds and the special individuals that seek comfort in the presence of these beautiful animals.  Meaningful bonding & socialization of our rescued exotic bird with the special individuals who seek their company results in comfort, connection & the expression unconditional love for all involved.

Anza Avian Ambassador Program plays a very important part in the rehabilitation process of our avian residents.  Positive interaction with humans creates trust and security in the lives of these birds which in turn promotes their chances of successfully finding "forever" homes when they become available.  Intense one-on-one exposure to people allows our avian ambassadors and our other avian residents the opportunity to bond and create relationships that can last a lifetime.  The Program offers a positive way to create vacancies in our facility by encouraging successful rehabilitation of at-risk exotic birds resulting in appropriate re-homing.  

Anza Avian Refuge & Rehabilitation Center is a 501©3 non-profit organization run by volunteers and supported by friends and community.  All of the birds that are brought to our facility undergo a complete initial health exam by qualified veterinarians upon arrival.  Once their needs have been assessed, we provide appropriate nutrition, environmental enrichment and housing based on the specific needs of each individual type of exotic bird.  Even before the rehabilitation process can begin the cost involved to provide medical care, proper nutrition, heating/cooling, enrichment programs and other basic needs is staggering….and we need help.  Monies donated will go for building enclosures large enough for residents to live in long term when necessary, veterinary/medical supply costs, nutrition & supplements, environmental enrichment programs to keep avian residents active and free from boredom or stress, and to pay our bills.