Founded by video game industry veterans, Aonyx Software is a middleware developer that intimately understands the needs of the industry. Aonyx’s mission is to address these needs with quality software and services that enable faster, cheaper, and more effective development. Aonyx’s debut product is OtterUI—the interactive entertainment industry’s first and only cross-platform, engine-agnostic user interface (UI) development tool suite. Aside from its unique ability to resolve both engine and interface compliance worries, OtterUI far outshines other solutions currently on the market with its ease of use. OtterUI is the friendlier way to create game UI. As a complete tool suite, it is uniformly simpler, more flexible, and more accessible to artists and programmers alike. OtterUI enables high-quality content creation with easy one-time integration, WYSIWYG layout and animation, as well as audio and event hooks, all without the need for programming support. OtterUI truly was built with the game developer in mind.