aoom (Art of Online Marketing) is a consultancy service that is all about helping businesses grow and generate revenue by creating the most cost effective marketing portfolio and online marketing strategy.

We help:
• Businesses that are not realizing their full potential or struggling to get to the next level of growth
• Companies that want an independent point of view on existing marketing strategies, tactical campaigns and business practices.
• Small and medium business looking to gain access to marketing knowledge, expertise and leadership of a marketing director without the cost of one.
• Travel companies and hotels looking to leverage online marketing to gain more direct travel bookings
• Companies looking to expand into Asia Pacific markets

We are seasoned marketing and online executives who have ran businesses and led marketing teams – so we understand the importance of delivering results that can be clearly measured by the bottom-line.

Our main focus is to help you develop online marketing strategies that clearly meet your objectives and deliver desired outcome for your business be it for increased sales leads, online traffic, conversion, revenue or market expansion.
The aoom Approach: A Different Marketing Consultancy Approach

1. Specialisation: aoom specialises in digital marketing & focuses fanatically on return on investment

aoom consultancy understand the dynamics of  how online marketing tactics (Pay Per Click PPC, Search Engine Optimisation SEO, Affiliate marketing, social media marketing, CRM and email marketing) and your business can work together to deliver the optimal marketing results.  

2. Knowledge Transfer: aoom transfers online marketing knowledge and expertise to your business

aoom consultancy is about transferring online marketing knowledge and know-how to the business. Gaining an advantage online is about gaining critical marketing knowledge faster than your competition. We believe in delivering an accountable approach where we will coach, support and help you or your team develop online marketing expertise.

3. Balancing The Art & Science: aoom balances the art of marketing with science of technology & analytics  

Effective online marketing is about knowledge of technology and measurability of data. It’s about knowing what to track and how to use the information to refine your marketing campaigns and tactics. Effective online marketing is also creative. It’s also about creating new ideas ahead of your competition to reach more customers, be more cost efficient or convert more customers.

aoom consultancy balances the art and science of online marketing to offer unique marketing solutions across single or multiple online marketing channels to deliver the best marketing results and return on investment for your business.

Email us today : info@aoom.com.au to find out how we can assist in growing your company.