Race Overview.

Listen, we're not all blessed with the gazelle, 'run-like-lightning', gene.  Although it's great just participating in a race, wouldn't it also be pretty cool to actually win it?  What if the race rewarded other 'skills' that you developed over your lifetime?  What if those skills could get minutes subtracted from your race time?  What if that race was an absolute blast?

Welcome the APESH*T 5K. You and a teammate compete in a 5K race. Along the route are stations where your team can 'score.'  When you score, time is subtracted from your team race time. Don't worry, there are no mud pits or electric fences in this race.  The stations test good ol' fashioned American gamesmanship:  Cornhole Toss, Golf Putt, Dart Throw, Pong Toss.  Score at a station and have 2 minutes subtracted from your run time.  If both you and a teammate score . .  make it 5 minutes.  The team with the lowest race time, wins!  After the event, enjoy some beverages and burgers as we rejoice your day of glory.  

Good Times, Good Cause

The best part is that we're helping to raise money for the Fisher House Foundation.  The Fisher House provides military families housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury.  It's a great cause that is near and dear to our hearts as veterans and former Army officers.  Find out more at www.fisherhouse.org