Apex Insight is an independent provider of research, analysis and advice covering business service markets.  Our objective is to support managers, investors and advisers in making better business decisions.

Our expertise is based on many years’ experience of both managing service businesses and providing advice to companies and investors in these sectors, as strategy consultants and through leading commercial due diligence exercises at a Big 4 accounting firm.  

Our work has regularly been relied upon by banks and investors undertaking transactions.

In our research, we focus on evaluating and explaining what specific factors drive competitiveness, growth and, hence, success in a given market.  Hence, our work is insightful rather than purely descriptive.  We deploy in-depth qualitative and quantitative research as a matter of course and see it as the necessary foundation for our analysis and commercial insight rather than purely an end in itself.

Our reports are based on a thorough review of publicly available data, interviews with senior-level contacts in the market, in-depth analysis of the relevant market drivers and our own experience of advising both companies and investors in the sectors we cover.  Findings are synthesised and presented clearly and concisely with extensive use of charts and tables to illuminate points and support conclusions.  Ours is not likely to be the cheapest source of information on a market or the report with the most words.  Neither of those is our objective.

Having purchased and used lots of market reports and information from many different providers, we have gained a good idea of what is out there and what the good points and less good points of the various offerings are.  

Where more specific information, insights and advice are required, we can provide custom research, consulting and due diligence services.