Lew Shomer and David Korse, owners of Abilities Expo, are taking their show to the screen. A major part of their Abilities Expo (winner of the 2014 TSNN Best of Show award, and IAEE Best Public Show) interactive shows has been the daily dance routines and, from that, A Passion For Dance was born. The documentary will follow the dancers with disabilities as they share their experiences of overcoming challenges to continue their life's passion. This powerful documentary will stand as an educational guide to help able-bodied people understand the dreams, hopes and possibilities that people with disabilities have through the creative expression of dance.

They have chosen Indiegogo as the best place to raise the funds to make this documentary which profiles Donna Russo, an actress and dancer, and Tam Warner, an industry-leading choreographer — both of whom are living with disabilities. The two professionals met in a workshop, bonding over their personal struggles and their passion for dance. Donna and Tam now come together to create a unique film, inspired by possibility.

A Passion for Dance is the story of Tam, Donna and an extraordinary group of dancers who share in the joy of movement and demonstrate their resolve to never give up. In this film, the audience will engage with dancers with disabilities as they journey through the audition process, hours of rehearsal, and an original finale choreographed by Tam.

A Passion For Dance intends to create international awareness for those struggling with disabilities by telling this story in a documentary format. With the help of the Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign called "A Passion for Dance," they hope to raise awareness and create a dialogue that will inspire everyone who faces a disability and give them the courage they need to live an independent life.

A Passion For Dance will be directed by Abbi O'Neil, and will showcase Choreographer Tam Warner and Dancer Donna Russo. Living with disabilities most of her life, Donna has always believed in doing what it takes to live life to the fullest stating, "I'm going to dance, and I don't care who tells me I can't do it! I'm going to dance. I'm going to find a way to fit in." The three expect this powerful documentary will educate the uninformed and empower those with disabilities.

The goal of the Indiegogo campaign is to generate a groundswell of support that will raise enough awareness and money to bring this story to the millions of people in and around the disability community.

A Passion For Dance was formed to create awareness for the able-bodied community and inspire those from the disability community. The producers, director, choreographer and talent are all located in Los Angeles, California.