Aplicor LLC is a global cloud-based software company delivering a cloud suite of business management solutions. Aplicor’s cloud suite technology consolidates both front and back office information to serve up a single and integrated business system. Aplicor’s cloud suite technology provides customers the flexibility and simplicity they need in advancing their customer relationships and creating a competitive advantage.

Aplicor’s SaaS cloud suite technology is not only built for the future and highly scalable but, is a subscription-based solution, accessible from anywhere and from any device, secure, easily to use and optimized to integrate with both legacy systems and new technologies.

Aplicor, LLC, based in Boca Raton, FL - Supports global clients in high growth, middle-market and enterprise companies in over 60 countries. Aplicor is also the recipient of highly acclaimed industry certifications and awards for innovative products, customer service and development excellence.

Aplicor's latest offering, Cloud Suite 7 is expanding the already simple to use interface with additional back office options.