Indianapolis, 12th Jan’ 2012- APM solutions is proud to announce the display of innovative 3D Level Sensors  for the measurement of the bulk solid at the BinMaster. The FEW industry provides international ethanol industry with advanced content and unmatched networking solutions in a dynamic corporate environment. FEW is the biggest, longest operating ethanol symposium around the globe.

With the help of APM solutions there is no more chance of inaccuracy of calculations which is due to the single sample point. They offer unique set of devices which produce 3D maps of the contents kept in an open bin, warehouse or a silo.  This innovative device will be exhibited by APM solutions.

APM’s ground-breaking equipments are the best for accurate measurements of bulk solids particularly which becomes difficult to perform in dusty condition. For the very first time in the market of solid industry 3D Level Sensors  provide measurement that are accurate. They measure the mass and volume of the contents kept in a silo which is an achievement that means a lot to the solid industries all over the world.

The APM’s 3DLevelScanner is sole equipment that assures to deliver accurate measurement of bulk powder or solids regardless of the type of material they are made of or the characteristics of a product kept in a large silo, warehouse or open container. It measures all the materials no matter how dusty the environment is. APM’s exceptional dust-penetrating technology is unmatched and the level of accuracy is unrivalled.

About Company:

APM Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a chief producer and specialist in level and volume measurement instrumentation. Its signature product, the 3DLevelScanner, achieves all the praises as it removes the guesswork process out of the measuring the volume, level and heavy mass stored in different containers like silo or an open bin with a 3D mapping of the materials in them.  It depicts the unique technology of APM which produces unmatched devices which were thought beyond the reach and scope of the level measurement with optimum level of accuracy, in the past.