Apofacy is the Greek word for "decision". Apofacy Solutions provides services to help businesses succeed with data and analytics in a constantly changing Business environment.

We focus on forward looking small to medium-sized businesses that understand the importance of business analytics and evidenced-based decisions.

Our broad range of services include data modeling, data visualization, predictive analytics, decision models and business analytics programs.

The best business solutions start with a clear understanding of business needs.  The philosophy of Apofacy Solutions is to not let data and technology drive solutions, but rather to allow business needs to define relevant data and technology that support solutions.

We employ a structured approach to solving business problems.  Business needs are used to understand the current state (people, processes and systems) which in turn drive conceptual solutions.  We then investigate and analyze relevant data sources to discover key business drivers.  Finally, these results are incorporated using the most appropriate technology.  With Apofacy Solutions, business needs come first!


predictive modeling

business analytics programs