Aporia Media is an independent niche publisher. Our flagship puiblication, Better Mental Health magazine, delivers practical information for anyone with an interest in improving mental health and wellbeing for themselves or the people they care for.

Better Mental Health magazine is a consumer lifestyle publication dedicated to maintaining psychological wellness. It includes expert and reader information about managing and caring for general mental wellbeing as well as diagnosed disorders.

BMH Magazine is the only international and independent magazine dealing entirely with mental health and wellbeing. It presents easy to read articles on a range of topics as well as contributions from people with a personal or professional experience in mental health and wellbeing. Our official launch is planned for September.

BMH Magazine presents a positive image of mental health and wellbeing. We use positive terms, such as disorder and condition, rather than illness. A disorder may be debilitating, but we don't ever say disabled. We might live with a condition, but we don't suffer from it. We omit any content or contribution that has a negative representation of mental health, those living with a mental health condition or people in recovery. Above all else, we show that mental health and wellbeing is important to everyone.

We like to hear from people with a professional or personal interest in mental health and wellbeing, who are interested in contributing to the magazine.

We also offer excellent advertising and sponsorship packages for organisations with products, services or an alignment with the psychological wellbeing market.