July 22, 2019 - AppJetty is an apps and extension store for leading ecommerce platforms like Magento, Odoo and CRMs like Sugar, Suite, Salesforce, etc. Their work in enhancing Magento ecommerce stores with extensions is remarkable. Their latest product is Australia MyPost Shipping Extension; an addition in their Australia Post lineup.

The store is an official partner of Australia Post and is experienced at developing extensions that work hand in hand with Australia Post. They use Australia Post API. This Extension aims at streamlining shipping for small businesses without the minimum order requirement that its big brother (Magento Australia Post Shipping Extension) has.  

This extension is easy enough to use even for ecommerce store owners who do not have a technical background. Everything can be in the control of the admin user, which makes it simple to overlook operations in the shipping cycle.

Speaking about this extension, a spokesperson from AppJetty said, “We are very excited about this extension because we can finally cater to the small store owners who always wanted a solution that was more convenient to them.”

No matter how small a business is, it needs a streamlined shipping process. MyPost extension boasts of a lot of useful features. There are shipping configurations for both domestic and international shipping orders. One can create parcels based on weight, postal code, country and price. Both the store owner and the end customer can track shipments. There are also multiple shipping methods to choose from.

One of the most promising features of this extension is that the admin can add and modify shipping rates factoring in the usual variables. They can set shipping rates for products in bulk via a CSV file, which limits errors and saves time. There is also an option to create master configurations so that the admin does not have to perform repetitive tasks all the time.

Australia MyPost Shipping Extension aims to give maximum efficiency. Its top feature is the generation of shipment CSV files for orders. Once the orders come in, the admin can create a CSV file and download that. This way they can start the bulk order fulfillment easily without having to individually go through every single order.

While the extension has the feature to set default dimensions for all parcels, it gives first priority to the dimensions of the product. The admin can also generate labels. There is a neat redundancy feature that skips the product that weighs more than the single package weight as defined by MyPost, because the company will not ship it.

Keeping in mind that support for Magento 1 is ending now, AppJetty has made the extension exclusively for Magento 2, so that store owners who have migrated to the platform can take advantage of it.

AppJetty’s shipping extensions have previously been important additions to anyone who wanted to do business in and with Australia, and this extension adds to that list now.

Australia MyPost Shipping Extension comes with one primary domain and one sandbox domain with each license.

To explore and know more about Australia MyPost shipping extension for Magento 2, visit AppJetty’s store page here: https://www.appjetty.com/magento2-australia-mypost-shipping.htm