Since 2009, 2,500+ companies have chosen ApplicantStack: the affordable, easy-to-use recruiting and employee onboarding system to automate and streamline your recruiting process. ApplicantStack is an online applicant tracking & onboarding software system providing businesses and agencies of all sizes a better way to recruit, screen, and hire new employees. Visit us at ApplicantStack.com to request a free trial.

We speak HR, it’s in our blood. We spent our careers in human resources, bogged down with paperwork and craving more time and resources. Our goal is to provide organizations the tool we always wish we had. We created ApplicantStack, a simple, easy-to-use, gets-the-job-done software that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s not another thing to manage, but the tool that helps you manage your day.

•  CREATE Custom postings
•  SHARE with a single click
•  COLLABORATE with your hiring team
•  TRACK all your applicants in one spot
•  HIRE the best talent, faster
•  ONBOARD your new hire with custom online forms and checklists

ApplicantStack Recruit:
A web-based applicant tracking and recruiting system offering corporate HR professionals and internal recruiters an easier way to manage and recruit applicants online. Create jobs online, recruit via social media sites, post to major job boards, create questionnaires, score applicants & much more.

•  Create: Job creation is easier than you think. Create job descriptions and employment applications from scratch or with the help of our templates.
•  Post: Our system allows users to create jobs online that are easy to apply to. Then, post those jobs to custom-built job boards created by us to look like you.
•  Share: If you want the best talent, you need to reach the best candidates. After posting your jobs to your job board, publish them on social media sites, career pages, and job search sites as well.
•  Optimize: Step away from piles of “yes,” “no” and “maybe.” Sort through resumes and cover letters, and highlight key words to find who you’re looking for, right when you need them most.
•  Find The Perfect Fit: Pre-screen applicants by creating custom questionnaires that they can easily fill out and submit online.
•  Set Rules: With ApplicantStack comes the Rule Wizard — a tool designed to rank applicants and score resumes based on content. It’s not real magic, but it’s close.
•  Collaborate: No more making copies. Your team can review applications as they come in and rank them to see who makes the cut.
•  Score: After screening applicants, you can give each application a score and rank them based on your own criteria.
•  Communicate: Send applicants emails straight from our system, so they always know where they stand. Saying “no thank you” has never been easier.
•  Move: No more letting the hiring process stall – see where applicants are in the process, and move them from applied to interviewed to hired with a click of a mouse.
•  Hire: That’s the goal, right? We can get you there by streamlining the process, automating it where we can, and giving you more time in the day.

ApplicantStack Onboard:
Allows employers a way to manage the paperwork and tasks of hiring a new employee, and can be easily bundled with your Applicant Recruit account. Create new hire checklists, track tasks, and provide a new hire portal for employees to quickly and easily complete required forms.

•  Import Hires: Easily import new hires from ApplicantStack Recruit or automate using our API.
•  Upload Forms: Select standard new hire forms (W-4, I-9, etc.) from our library or upload your own.
•  Create Tasks: Assign tasks to new hires and users to create simple checklists and track progress.
•  Central Information: Invite new hires to fill out paperwork, view important documents and update their information on a customized, branded New Hire Portal.
•  E-Sign Documents: Hires can electronically sign documents using e-signature technology, from any device, anywhere.
•  Set Reminders: ApplicantStack automatically reminds hires and users to complete paperwork and other tasks, so nothing falls through the cracks.
•  Use Templates: Save time with templates to simplify the creation of tasks, emails, questionnaires and more.
•  Download Reports: Use standard or create custom reports to keep tabs on key metrics of your onboarding process.