ApplyGem offers a deeply-featured service that allows organizations and businesses of any size or purpose to host application forms and review applicants for things like jobs or grants.

Of note is the subtlety of design, the nerdy undertones, and the ability to host large upload fields. One can link to or embed a brandless version of their application; but most importantly, we offer an API upon which software developers can build their own application forms or multi-application systems without hosting any data themselves.

We strive for honesty and integrity. Perhaps because we have architected upon a cloud-based platform, we are able to provide this service significantly cheaper than any brands we've discovered. We charge per field, per month, per thousand applicants. Most users will only need 1 month and not near 1,000 applicants. All fields are 25 cents except for upload fields, which start at $2 for 10MB (x 1000) and go up to $32 for 1GB (x 1000). Users can build the structure of their applications for free in order to get a sense of costs.