Press Release

New Social Media Platform Promises “Real American” Candidates
A President Like Me Seeks Public Funding to Launch a New Era in American Politics

El Paso, TX, November 20, 2014:  El Paso, TX resident Christopher Webb and his team are working on what could be the next generation of politics. “A President Like Me” (at www.apresidentlikeme.com) will be a social media platform designed to help not only official party candidates but also the American public to create and garner support for their campaigns for local, state, and national political office. Through fundraising efforts on IndieGoGo.com, the team hopes to raise in excess of $350,000 to employ programmers, political science professionals, and leadership.

The social media site is planned for launch July 1, 2015 leaving nearly a year and a half for users to prepare for the upcoming 2016 elections. “As long as I have been old enough to somewhat understand how American politics work, I’ve been troubled by what seems a very shallow pool of talent to choose from when it comes to electing our leaders. A President Like Me is aiming to change that” says Webb.

Webb and his team have already begun work on the platform by building the databases and logic needed for many of the tools the team is seeking to bring to the American public, tools generally only accessible to seasoned politicians. Included in these list of features are the ability for one candidate to challenge another to debate with popular user submitted questions, online campaign donations, online help for “regular” people to launch and build their own campaigns, site advertising, integration with other social media networks, and more.

A President Like Me will allow users to do many of the things they’ve become accustomed to on other social media sites including commenting on and liking posts, sending messages, and more. However, the team isn’t stopping there. The platform will allow all users to support up to three candidates for each election with online polls results updated in real-time.

“The world has changed so much in the past twenty years. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that in this new technological age, it’s a person’s message that matters not their money” – Webb. Citing people who owe their fame to being initially discovered on the internet, Webb believes the same can hold true for political candidates from the general public who have the right message; the message Americans want to hear.

To learn more about the A President Like Me project, you can visit them on IndieGoGo.com by searching for “A President Like Me” as well as their FaceBook page or Twitter @presidentlikeme.
Christopher Webb can be reached at 720-287-9416 or via email at christopher.webb@apresidentlikeme.com