It is our mission to provide comprehensive debt and equity solutions for consumers, realtors, real estate investors, business owners, real estate developers, and builders. We regard it as a privilege to serve our clients. Our primary priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients’ needs. Professionalism and quality is paramount in everything we accomplish. We feel that our responsibility to our clients extends beyond just providing financing solutions. We are available every step of the way, on every project, to make sure that all problems and obstacles are solved in a professional manner.

The Colorado Real Estate Finance Group is committed to honesty and integrity in all our activities. Our staff is made up of individuals with strong moral character and the interaction you will have with them is always respectful, honest, clear, and positive. We are a company that does not sacrifice our integrity for the benefit of profit. We have worked hard to make The Colorado Real Estate Finance Group a model of business ethics and personal integrity. We maintain a high level of professionalism in our work environments, fostering a culture of commitment and passion for our clients. We are passionate about serving others and seek to understand the needs of our clients followed by a commitment to exceed those expectations. We desire to constantly learn, adapt and improve, and set very high standards and hold our employees accountable to meeting those standards. We are a company that sets the standard, the pace, and are the company that others aspire to be like.