Advanced Power Technologies (APT) offers a full range of custom built generator set management and intelligent power distribution systems for 60Hz and 50 Hz applications ranging from 208V to 69 kV. We provide Power Management Systems with an economically friendly custom quality for companies around the world. Based in Lafayette, Indiana, the people of APT have over 15 years experience in the design and construction of power management systems & equipment. APT can build a Power Management System to meet your exact needs. Typical applications include Prime Power, Automatic Standby and Peak Shaving.

Engineering and manufacturing of integrated low and medium voltage switchgear systems is our core business. We are an OEM for major power equipment component manufacturers such as Square D, ABB, Cutler Hammer, Merlin Gerin, etc., which allows us to incorporate the best power components available on the market into our Power Management Systems. We design and manufacture our products in-house. This allows us to have full control over the whole product creation process. From bending and punching of the bus bars, to the control wiring and final product testing, APT is able to deliver the exact product you ordered.

Our uniqueness and strength is our ability to assist in all phases of the project. At the beginning stages of the project, we can review the existing power system and calculate the available fault currents to determine the optimal electrical equipment configuration and operation. We have expertise in working with electric utilities on helping utility engineers integrate distributed generation into their electrical distribution systems.

Our microprocessor-based control system allows us to cost effectively integrate fully automated generator paralleling to a utility with local and remote monitoring systems. Current technology allows us to control, monitor and aggregate the remote sites from any PC, connected to the Internet or other network.

APT provided engineering services and equipment to a Global Energy Services Provider and major Government Contractor to allow them to rapidly deploy many hundreds of Megawatts of electric power all over the world.  Whether it was a sudden power shortage due to the reduced water supply affecting the hydropower output, unexpected power plant breakdown, or support of the military operations and the consequences thereof – APT’s rapid deployment power expertise has always come to the rescue.

APT offers a unique combination of Power Management Systems products and services. Our uniqueness and strength is our ability to assist in all phases of the project.

At the beginning stages of the project, we can assist the Owner and Engineers in feasibility and technical evaluation of the existing power system, calculate the available fault currents and advise on the optimal power system configuration and operation. Our engineers can explain pros and cons as well as assist in selecting solidly grounded, low impedance grounded or high impedance grounded systems, various protective relaying, power monitoring and automation schemes as well as perform all the calculations necessary to supply equipment for a functional and coordinated power system.

When our equipment is installed, we can provide and oversee a comprehensive system commissioning, testing and integration. We will continue ongoing support during the lifetime of the installation.