AquaBella Organic Solutions and Green Age 360 are partnering to bring to aquarium beginners, accomplished hobbyists and aquarium service maintenance professionals the most innovative aquarium and tank maintenance product since the introduction of the Wet-Dry Filter in 1984: AquaBella Bio-Enzymes Water Treatment.

Marc Thibault founded Green Age 360 in 2007 and has been partnering with AquaBella Organic Solutions since 2009. “We share a vision and values. We bring a new technology that enhances people’s hobby while reducing their environmental footprint,” says Marc.  “To aquarists, it means making aquarium care very convenient, which allows for a wholesome hobby. The relationship one develops with an other creature is what keeps us connected with nature and, ultimately, sane.”

AquaBella Bio-Enzymes Water Treatment is the only product offered to aquarists that provides a crystal clear water and does not require water change for a full year. The technology was first developed to help fish and shrimp farmers increase efficiency in resource use, minimize adverse environmental interaction and increase productivity.

“The different farms that are using AquaBella today have seen a dramatic increase in survival rates,” says Yoni Szarvas, AquaBella Organic Solutions’ founder and CEO. “AquaBella Bio-Enzymes Water Treatment is helping farmers become environmental stewards and at the same time help them become more efficient. That’s when we started thinking about a solution for aquarium owners. If you can raise 340,000 healthy shrimps per hectare, you can certainly keep any type of ornamental fish alive and well”.

Yoni’s previous business venture, AquaBella Aquariums manufactured and marketed wall-mounted aquariums. An avid aquarist himself, he believes the main reason “people give up on this hobby is simply because maintaining a healthy ecosystem can be very problematic. The environmental factor in fish husbandry is more volatile than with other pets. A spike in ammonia can be deadly.”

“AquaBella Bio-Enzymes Water Treatment is completely natural. It allows people to save time, money and water, provides a healthier environment for aquatic lives to thrive, that’s cutting edge to me,” adds Marc. “I have been working on new technologies for 20 years, the last 12 on green, clean technologies. This is the most promising I have been given the chance to work on. It’s good for the aquatic life, it’s good for the people and it’s good for the environment!”