AquaBond manufactures professional two-part adhesives and sealants specially formulated for swimming pool, spa, fountain and water feature maintenance and repair.

Our products include UL listed wet niche potting compounds, clear underwater sealants, underwater repair adhesives, structural repair adhesives, concrete repair adhesives, and specially machined concrete repair "stitches" that repair and stabilize structural cracks and fractures in concrete, gunite and shotcrete swimming pools and pool decks.  

Whether you need to replace a tile at the waterline, install hand and grab rails, encapsulate the #8 green wire in a pool light niche, repair pool and spa coping, anchor rocks in a water feature, or even fix a leaking main drain underwater, AquaBond products deliver excellent performance.

Our mixing, dispensing and application system is easy, clean and economical, allowing you to mix only what you need, only when you need it -- whether you are patching a vinyl pool liner, fixing leaks in pool hose, pumps and stainless steel filters, or sealing leaks around light rings, skimmers, main drains and return lines.

We even have adhesives and sealants that mix, apply and cure underwater. No need to drain the pool or spa to make repairs.

AquaBond products are the ideal solution for every problem around the swimming pool, spa, water feature and fountain… wet or dry.