The AquaLogix Fitness System is a multi patented, diverse array of aquatic exercise equipment, utilized by people of all age ranges and fitness levels - from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients.

Significant results in athletic performance make AquaLogix the ideal choice prescribed by personal trainers, coaches, MMA, doctors, military, pro-athletes, fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, boomers and kids.

Sports exercise groups and scientific researchers are now validating what top physical and fitness trainers, sports experts and medical professional already know: this is the leading edge, and next revolution specializing in accelerated " Aqua-Kinetic Performance Enhancement "

Exercising in water, such as Deep Water Running (DWR), is the ultimate low-risk, high-reward way to boost your fitness and develop your strength and endurance for total body advancement. AquaLogix tackles the epidemic solution for total body transformation for adult and childhood obesity. It is the essential means to dramatic improvement in speed, quickness, grace, power, and sports specific skills. Enhanced firing frequency, synchronization and timing will further refine the precision of movement.

The dynamics of the patented designs and functionality of the Omni-directional drag resistance systems, is like no other piece of fitness equipment that accomplishes so much in such an efficient, balanced, and exciting training methodology for advancement and Total Body Transformation.

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