Aqua+ Skincare strives to bring healthier lifestyle to people around the world. We continue to make good and healthy skin possible to people every day, with the basic philosophy of local production, global sales.  Today Aqua conducts sales in 4 countries and regions including Canada, and operates 3 overseas business locations. Outside Canada, over 5 offline and online distributors deliver products to customers. Since the launch of the debut product in June 2016, more than 200,000 members have already joined Aqua+ Skincare and more and more members join Aqua+ Skincare and enjoy its radical benefits every day. Aqua continues to work to convey the value of anti-pollution skincare protections and its complete skincare regimen products to people around the world. Our goal is to steadily widen the ring of Aqua consumers, continually pursuing the achievement of our mission to contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world.

Climate change and air pollution has become more of a threat and as a result, skin and body health care is an emerging issue on a global basis. Our goal is to become a leading biotechnology health care company dedicated to skin solutions. Looking at the cosmeceuticals and skincare products in the current market, there is a need for more products to address root causes rather than just symptoms. Our goal is to continue the development of cosmeceuticals products to meet growing global needs.

Mission Statement
Our skin is the only protective shield that we wear. Our objective is to preserve it in order to enable all women and men worldwide to express their personality, self-esteem and individuality. We always focus on finding the right balance of economic sustainability, environmental care and social responsibility. We believe this is something that young chemists and skincare companies should always keep in mind.

Aqua+ Skincare produces cosmetics anti-pollution products at a prestigious cosmetic manufacturing company. We aim to guarantee the high quality of every product by ensuring safety, peace of mind, and high quality we are enhancing the reliability of our products. Products are produced quality stringent under with, control hygiene and the preserving on emphasis surrounding the of health environment, Visual inspections by plant included are workers produce to process manufacturing cosmetics quality-high.