Aquawave have manufactured aquarium LED lighting for ten years and have produced the most consistent range of lighting for all types of aquariums. Based in Darlington, Co Durham, all of the manufacture of the lights is done here in the UK, maintaining the eco friendly credentials of the lights by ensuring they have a low carbon footprint from manufacture to full use

The residential market is catered for with Fusion tubes to light mid level cold water and tropical tanks and the Brilliance range of digital LED lighting that offers not only high level floodlighting but also mimics nature with passing clouds and brewing storms with lightning flashes. This level of technology is unique to Aquawave.
The latest lights (K4 and Coralite)are perfect for reef aquariums and outclass any other system by providing the highest light output and the most innovative control while being the most affordable of any lights in the arena of LED replacement Metal Halide lighting.

Residential sales for UK and abroad can be found at www.aquariumledlighting.co.uk (the link on the page)

Aquawave K4 and Coralite are modular lights that have been adapted for use in public aquariums and large installations. The lights can be manipulated to provide any size and any shape as well as having variable colour temperatures, making them ideal for all types of environments that need to convert to a much less expensive system while creating a truly stunning '3D' viewing environment.

Enquiries for large installations should be directly via our contact page here.

Aquawave also design and manufacture bespoke acrylic aquariums. Customers may want a simple 'in the wall' while others want the more flamboyant LED edge lit  or 'floating' variants. Style is always important with clever use of coloured acrylic and specialist materials to ensure a smooth designer look. The interior design is just as crucial to the overall look and Aquawave design and manufacture both natural beautiful scenes and futuristic modern looks incorporating logo's or customer designs.