Our Introduction:
Arab Circle, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Established in 1974 has competence and experience of advertising, event management and international marketing. Dr Abubaker A. Alaidarous, director General, Arab Circle is a renowned Arab visionary has the competence and contribution in networking. He has developed B2B strategy to market your services or products in Commercial Directories in KSA. (www.jcdinfo.com)

Visiting Professor Iftikhar Ahmed, Country Director, German Arab Technology Group, Saudi Arabia (www.gatg.biz) has joined us as consulting Partner. He was a OIC Regional Expert on Renewable Energy at Presidency of Environment (PME), Jeddah, and Currently engaged as Managing Director, SBIC of Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Peshawar, Pakistan. He Implemented EU-Pakistan Renewable Energy (Solar Energy) projects in Pakistan.
Our Goals:
• To enhance the kingdom of Saudi Arabia image as a responsible user of energy and a promoter of future clean energies.
•To help nucleate new knowledge based industries that can caters to the market of the renewable energy.
•To increase awareness of local and international community for the use of renewable energy
•To train local personnel and engineers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of future energies
Our Objectives:
•To develop research and development projects through Academia-Industry Linkages in the renewable energy (solar Energy) through business Incubation and Technology Centers (BITCs) and develop Energy Parks.
Our Activities:
Our business activities cover Renewable Energy and IT. Our decentralized organization structure consists of independent working units and technical teams.
•     Solar Research Projects
•     Concentrated Solar power
•     Collaboration Research
•     Marketing & Advertising
•     IT Application in Solar Engineering Training & Work shops
Our Expertise & Competence:
•     Preparation of Feasibility studies of industrial Joint Ventures in Solar Products or Components
•     Development of business Incubation Center in RE, Energy and IT center with Chamber of Commerce
•     B2B Partnership development for joint development and manufacturing of concentrated Solar Power Plants
•     RE project planning & Projects Screening capability
•     Provide trainers and speakers on RE conferences and regular training or continuing education