Arab Land Group was established in 2003 and is an array of logistics, trading, manufacturing, and construction companies. We have earned our reputation by performing reliably for all our customers and solving problems at critical times. We have implemented many projects on schedule even in countries with unfriendly environment with security challenges.
Today, ALG is a well-established and active company with enormous resources and capabilities in the greater Middle East and Africa. Since January 2004, ALG has accomplished more than 250 main contracts amounting to more than USD $35.68 million.
ALG's activities extend to:

Construction & Engineering
•     K-Span Building Solutions
•     Prefabricated Buildings & Cold Rooms
•     Road Construction, Repair and Paving
•     Office and Home Buildings
•     Warehouse
•     Hospital Clinics
•     Schools and Universities
•     DFAC Buildings
•     T-Wall Concrete Barrier

•     Construction Materials
•     House & Office Containers
•     Office and Home Furniture
•     Communication Equipment and Material
•     Generators
•     Textiles
•     Apparel

•     Textiles
•     Apparel

•     Technical Skills Development
•     Base Support and Logistics Service
•     Supply and Value Chain Management
•     Maintenance Operations and Management
•     Training Solutions
•     Information Systems Support