A decade ago international arbitration was swifter less expensive than most domestic court proceedings. The objective of the IAA Network is to make this true again, by offering the highest quality legal representation by recognized experts in the field of international arbitration in a modern manner which reduces the cost of international arbitration by approximately half.*

The IAA Network’s lawyers serve as counsel in most major institutional (notably ICC, LCIA, ICSID, ICDR, DIAC, SIAC and HKIAC) and ad hoc (notably UNCITRAL) arbitrations, for both commercial and investment disputes.

All of the IAA Network’s lawyers were trained at the best universities such as Harvard, Oxford, the Sorbonne and Cambridge. They also all have at least 10 years of international arbitration experience. Mr. Christophe Dugué, who was a partner in the international arbitration practice group of Shearman & Sterling for a decade, has two decades of experience in international arbitration.

In recognition of their arbitration expertise, many members of the IAA Network currently serve as arbitrators for institutions such as the ICC, including Mr. Dugué, Mr. William Kirtley, Mr. Thibault Beurnier and Mr. Denis Mouralis. They are also members of arbitration institutions such as the International Arbitration Institute (IAI) and the Comité Français de l’Arbitrage (CFA). They also regularly speak on international arbitration and publish articles on international arbitration law in leading journals. Professor Denis Mouralis also teaches international law.

To ensure the rigor and quality of IAA Network members’ legal services, only lawyers with at least 6 years of prior experience as counsel at the world’s leading international corporate firms may be considered, and all of our members, except Professor Mouralis, previously practiced at firms such as Shearman & Sterling, Hogan Lovells, Dentons and Clifford Chance.  As all that ultimately matters in the legal profession is the strength of individual lawyers, this requirement ensures a quality that is identical to that of large international corporate firms.

The lawyers of the International Arbitration Attorney Network provide full legal representation in any international arbitration. They also serve as counsel for arbitration-related domestic litigation and ADR proceedings. Their arbitration services are offered globally, and individual IAA Network Members are based in Europe, North America (Eric Chang, Sylvana Sinha), and Asia (Elisa Warbington).

The numerous arbitrations in which members have served range from small arbitrations worth less than EUR 1 million to very large arbitrations where the amount in dispute was many billions of Euros. We work for clients including individuals, mid-sized companies, large multinationals and State entities on disputes in most industries. In the past, we have served as counsel in disputes concerning the chemicals, oil & gas, construction & engineering, defense, distribution, finance, media, automotive, aviation, logistics, IT, IP, telecommunications, hospitality, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, shipping, steel and transportation industries.

All members speak fluent English. They also speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese and Arabic, but frequently work on arbitrations in other languages such as Russian and Turkish. Additional language capacity can be added for any given arbitration, since legal teams are assembled on a case-by-case basis, allowing the possibility of incorporating as many additional counsel as needed. All members are experienced in numerous common law and civil law legal systems.

When clients engage the services of a lawyer of the IAA Network, they can be confident that an experienced lawyer will be providing their legal representation, rather than a junior associate they did not select, ensuring excellence in legal analysis, mastery of all procedural techniques used in international arbitrations; and legal representation of the highest caliber before diverse arbitral tribunals.

We firmly believe that the lawyers of the International Arbitration Attorney Network provide an unbeatable combination of arbitration experience, technical expertise and value for our clients in international arbitrations.

By assembling legal teams on a case-by-case basis, eschewing non-essential services, and using the most up-to-date technologies available, we have reduced our legal costs to what truly matters: winning your case.

We therefore can offer flat monthly fees for international arbitration legal representation, which are designed to reduce the overall cost of international arbitration in half.