AR Builder is a website that empowers it's users to build, publish, and update mobile apps that have Augmented Reality features. AR Builder is designed to reduce the barriers to entry into this space as it doesn't require that the user have any computer programming experience, technical design experience, app store publishing licenses, or software development tools. Furthermore, the price point of $40 per month opens the solution up to a wide range of clients who may have previously considered custom native app development, but who were previously deterred by the high costs of custom native app development.

AR Builder is centered on 'Points of Interest', which is the term given to augmented reality targets in the real world. The service provides its users with tools to manage their points of interest, and leverages multiple varieties of AR technologies in a manner that lets the user mix location based points of interest with vision based points of interest. AR Builder users can upload or create multimedia documents to attach their points of interest so that their app users can learn more about their points of interest by interacting with them in the real world using an augmented reality viewer.

AR Builder also provides its users with tools to easily integrate non-AR related features that we have come to expect from modern mobile app such as maps, search, social networking, contact forms, and blogs / news feeds.