Established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Arcade Art Gallery focuses on representation of the Contemporary Art sector. Utilizing both gallery shows and public installations, Arcade Art Gallery showcases the work of Internationally renowned Artists, while also giving a voice to a new generation of promising Artists.

Founded in early 2016, director José Enrique Montes Hernandez took a leap of faith with this project. While visiting Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2015, he found himself confronted with very few art galleries willing to represent his professional oeuvre of Pop Surrealism and Urban Art. While Taiwan is home to many respected artists, he felt their voice was not being heard outside of the island. Taiwan is internationally known for electronics and skilled industrial production, but few know about the artistic talent this country holds.

An 'Import/ Export' of culture is the main mission of Arcade Art Gallery. We invite Artists from other countries to come and share their work via public installations and exhibitions, while also connecting local Taiwanese Artists with major Internationally located galleries. Director José Montes feels this the best way to make Kaohsiung, Taiwan recognized as a cultural hub.

In late 2016, Arcade Art Gallery curated a Street Art event for local company, The Wallriors. Thanks to Arcade, the city of Kaohsiung is now home to murals by internationally acclaimed Artists: OKUDA, SEN2, and SLIKS . The event was deemed a success, as locals found themselves looking at their city with a new perspective and suddenly recognizing it's many possibilities.

Early in 2017, Arcade Art Gallery held its first Exhibition entitled, 'Rise And Shine'. It was a group show combining talent from established International Artists, VHILS, BUFF MONSTER, PURE EVIL and others, with Taiwanese Artists REACH, and MR. OGAY.