Acadia Adventures Escape Room is the Calgary’s premier escape room experience. Immerse yourselves in our escape rooms as your team works to unlock the clues and get out before time runs out. Our real-life Calgary escape rooms are an excellent way to have fun, solve puzzles, and improve your team building skills. We have three excellent rooms for you, each with their puzzles and challenges. You have one hour to steal an artifact from a Victorian museum, find a cure before a zombie horde breaks through the door, or escape from a magical fairy-tale dungeon. Our rooms can host parties, small groups, families and couples. It is one of the most popular team building activities in Calgary, with many corporations hosting events at Acadia Adventures. To book your spot at one of our Calgary escape rooms, or to organise a corporate event, jump online at arcadiaescaperoom.ca or call us on 587-356-0440.