ArcStorage is a private company dedicated to building powerful enterprise class data storage solutions, that are affordable and easy to use.

ArcStorage was developed and designed based of feedback from administrators from all backgrounds in IT. Created from the ground up, our ArcStorage solutions use ArcOS for the base operating system; which is derived from ZFS, the most efficient and advanced operating system in storage. Combined with solid state drives our storage solution is one of the fastest storage solutions on the market today.

ArcOS adapts to all environments and can be set up as a unified NAS or enterprise class SAN architecture from a single array. Built on the reliability of ZFS, ArcStorage products provide true data security and protection by using only the highest quality industry standard products and interconnect technologies, allowing organizations of all types the ability to adapt to the ever changing world of IT with ease and low cost. Continuous storage uptime is true asset of any storage solution, and is provided through synchronous data replication and dual path redundancy with ArcStorage devices.

ArcStorage uses ArcOS on all platforms, which allows for a single management platform for the entire infrastructure. Administrators no longer have to maintain multiple management platforms; a single set of management tools can now be used to manage systems from the remote office to the primary data center.

Scalability has been built into all platforms, for ease of growth so budgets are not wasted on upgrading and replacing outdated hardware. We provide a business solution that allows companies to grow from entry level low cost needs to the largest of scale enterprise environments.

ArcStorage is a technology driven company that is dedicated to the advancement of data storage.

CFO’s are elated at the cost efficiency and return on investment!
CEO’s can focus on running their companies, not worrying about their storage!
CTO’s are pleased to be able to focus on Network Security instead of Data Storage!
IT Director’s celebrate knowing their teams are working not fixing!
Designers are euphoric at the performance gains received!
Database Administrators celebrate counting the IOP’s!
Storage Administrators are relieved to have automated storage!
Videographers are overjoyed at the speed of rendering video!
Data Modelers are on cloud nine!
Data Security Analysts are beside themselves with joy at the data security!
VMWare Administrators are ecstatic to finally have storage on the fly!